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Every two years Academy Theatre Arts produces an inclusive main stage show at the Swan Theatre, Worcester where all members of the school can partake in a range of performances in every discipline. Many schools will only produce shows that involve their 'elite' students. Here at Academy Theatre Arts we ensure that every child has the opportunity to take part in an incredible performance experience on a professional stage. 

The shows have become increasingly elaborate over the last 25 years and are now a must see event that involves incredible lighting, stunning music, beautiful dancing, engaging acting and even puppetry. 

The shows ensure that we offer a truly unique experience to all of our students, whatever level they are at. 

Our next all school, main stage show will be held at the

Swan Theatre, Worcester in 2018.

Our Previous Shows 

2016   -    The Storyteller

2014   -    Fidelis Civitas

2012   -    Twenty

2010   -    Postcard

2008   -    Once Upon A Time

2006   -    More Than Just A Game

2004   -    A Dance Through Art

2002   -    Ten

2000   -    AD2000

1998   -    All The World's A Stage

1996   -    Legends Through Time

1994   -    Hans Christian Anderson

1993   -    A Flight To America