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The reputation of dance at Academy Theatre Arts is second to none. Our pupils have the opportunity to take examinations, compete in festivals, audition for professional stage shows and train intensively for vocational dance schools as well as being able to qualify as dance teachers in their own right. Many pupils take places at the country’s top dance schools and full support is given at every stage of a pupil’s time with us.


Our tutors are also able to cater for adult students with all of our classes available as either group sessions or as a private tutoring session.


So whether you’re a dancer who’s taken a break or someone who is looking to try a new and exciting hobby, we can provide you with what you are looking for.


The following will give you a break down of classes available and explain in more detail the styles of dance classes available.












Ages: 2.5 - Adult


Ballet is the basis for all other dance forms and is also on of the most widely studied art forms on the planet.

Ballet encourages good posture, muscular strength, confidence & discipline.


Pre School Ballet is offered for ages 2.5 - approx 4. The lessons are fun and a great way to introduce your child to one of the most popular forms of dance in the world. The lessons are structured yet completely unpressured ensuring that every member of the class has the most enjoyable experience possible.


We follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus from Pre-Primary to Advanced 2, ISTD Intermediate and Advanced,  IDTA Intermediate and Advanced have an excellent record of results having a 100% pass rate with very high marks. We hold exams termly so that pupils can progress at their own rate and do not have to wait for the whole class.


Ages: 3 - Adult


Tap is a form of dance that utilises sound created by metal plates attached to the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe. Many other dance forms have influenced tap over the years including African Juba, English Clogg Dancing and Irish Stepdancing.


Pupils start with a taster class of modern and tap before progressing onto the ISTD tap syllabus. Exam sessions are held termly and pupils progress at their own rate.  

Lessons are available from Primary through to Advanced 2 as well as adult classes at beginner and more advanced level.

Since 2015 we have achieved the highest grades in examinations in 25 years; a true testament to the commitment we place on constantly improving teacher standards.


Ages: 8 - Adult


The classification of ‘Jazz’ is shared by a broad range of dance styles that orginated from African-American dance. During the 1950’s the ‘modern jazz’ style emerged and has developed in numerous ways into the many forms we see today.


Jazz is a non-syllabus class. It has as its basis modern and contemporary techniques with an up-to-date style. Jazz has many forms. It can be more technical, commercial, hip-hop or street dance based.


Pupils will try a variety of these styles throughout their lessons.


Ages: 3 - Adult


Modern Dance was developed in the early 20th century with European & American dancers rebelling against the rigid constraints of classical ballet. Pupils start with a taster class of modern and tap and then progress through Primary of the ISTD syllabus to Advanced 2.


Modern dance shares its technical roots in contemporary dance but with a modern up to date style. Exam sessions are held termly and pupils progress at their own rate.


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