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Academy Theatre Arts is a great place to train for speech and drama examinations with an experienced and qualified team that can cater for every level of examination from multiple boards. Students can take examinations through the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), or Trinity College London (TCL) and can start at the age of 5. 

There is also no upper age limit, so if you've always want to give speech and drama a try, there's no time like the present.

Speech and drama lessons are structured in the following way. 

Entry Level - Grade 1             30mins (Private Lesson)               Student Teacher/Teacher

Grade 2 - 4                         30mins (Private Lesson)               Teacher

Grade 5 - Grade 7               30mins (Private Lesson)               Teacher/Head of Drama

Grade 8                              45mins (Private Lesson)              Head of Drama

Diplomas +                          Various through ATA College       Various

Like exams in dance and music, graded examinations in Speech, Drama and Acting can provide students with a good benchmark of their progress as performers and lead to recognised and useful qualifications that will benefit students further down the line. 

UCAS Points

Certain graded examinations (usually Grade 6 +) carry UCAS points that contribute towards applications to Universities and other Higher Education Institutes.

Why take Speech and Drama Lessons?

Student's wishing to take grade examinations at any level will need to commit to termly/annual lessons. The time it takes to complete each grade will vary depending upon the student, grade and work commitment. 

Those wishing to receive a few lessons to help with auditions and monologues are welcome to contact the school to arrange one-off sessions. 

Termly or One-off?

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